Venue Policies


Texas has a “host liability law,” which means if you host an event and one of your guests becomes intoxicated and causes damage or injury on their way home, the host (i.e. – the bride and groom) may be held legally liable for the damage. In addition; the venue and bartending staff may hold liability as well.

The 2K Reserve requires that a couple hire only Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) certified bartenders. These professional bartenders are trained how to prevent guests from drinking too much and how to politely cut someone off. They take their jobs, and careers, seriously. 2K Reserve directly employs some of the best bartenders in the industry. These are not simply licensed people, but bartending pros who know how to mix a drink and provide amazing customer service!

The 2K Reserve is a BYO (Bring Your Own) facility. This means that the host (ie; Bride & Groom) provide the beverages to be served during the event. Based upon much experience in serving our clients; our beverage policies are as follows:

1. All beverages, other than tea, water, coffee, must be served from the bar by bartending staff.

2. Only beverages provided by the host for the event shall be served to guests. Guests may NOT bring their own bottles to serve themselves or to be served by bartending staff. No beverages, of any kind, may be brought in by guests.

3. No outside cups or containers may be brought in by guests. Beverages shall be served in containers provided by the venue or the host. (this includes flasks and gift bottles)

4. Guests may not have beverages in vehicles or any place of their own and return to serve themselves. Any alcoholic beverages found on site, not provided by the host, not served by certified bartending staff shall be confiscated and disposed of by venue management and/or security personnel. Any guests found breaking these policies shall be requested to leave the premises immediately, without warning.

5. Bartending staff shall serve one beverage per person. There shall be no ‘deliveries’ to other guests or multiple beverages poured for one party.

6. During event prep and make-ready; bridal party MAY have beverages in the bridal and grooms suites. These beverages must be comprised only of the same beverages provided by host to be served from the bar with the exception of liquor. There shall be no liquor (ie; whiskey, tequila, vodka, etc) consumed on premises prior to TABC bartending staff arrival. 

Once TABC bartending staff and security arrive on site, they will conduct a sweep of the facility and all alcoholic beverages will be removed from suites and placed behind the bar for safe keeping. If these items are not comprised of service items from the bar menu, they will be kept in safe keeping until the end of the event and will not be served.

7. During the reception; beverages and cocktails must remain in sight of TABC bartending staff. All beverages and containers must remain indoors and shall not be carried outside for any reason. 

8. Shot Policy:  Shots shall not be provided by bartending staff on any occasion

9. Responsible Party:  At end of reception, there should be one responsible party named that will take possession of all alcoholic beverages. Bartending staff and/or security will oversee the loading of beverages in vehicle of this person

10. All alcohol service must be discontinued 30 minutes prior to the end of your function (Last Call). Please note we reserve the right to refuse service to intoxicated guests at the discretion of the server or bartender and may request proof of legal drinking age from guests. Any drinking guests must have a valid ID showing they are of legal age. We also reserve the right to discontinue or temporarily close bar services.

Our TABC certified bartenders make the following suggestions:

Brides and grooms: Please let you guests know that alcohol can only be served from the bar. No personal stock is allowed unless it is served by us. If your friend – you know the one who always brings a flask to football games, birthday parties and picnics – is invited, best to give him a strict warning before he ruins your day.

Guests: This is NOT your event. The bride and groom have been planning this day for months. Your behavior could lead to liability. Do you really want to turn a dream night into a nightmare for everyone?